Costa Media Advisors (CMA) is an advisory firm focused on media, marketing and management.  CMA provides media and marketing strategy for small and mid-size businesses that do not have the resources – personnel, time or expertise – internally to address those needs. Additionally, CMA provides consulting to broadcast properties from overall management, news product guidance and sales effectiveness.

Meet Mike Costa


Mike Costa successfully led local television stations across the Southeast throughout his 30+ year broadcast career. He steered Chattanooga’s ABC affiliate station to the #1 position in the market for ratings and revenue for more than 12 consecutive years. His leadership was responsible for growing Alabama News Network to #1 in key news demos against the legacy news leader in Montgomery.

Mike’s track record of bringing success to local television stations didn’t happen by magic. He worked to understand the target audience and then he and his team developed the plan to reach those viewers. Building successful local TV stations and highly viewed newscasts is no different than building any business or product to a high level of success. Mike has the proven know-how to conceive a strategic marketing plan and implement that plan to bring the desired results for you and your business.

Knowing how broad-reach media is bought and sold is a benefit of having spent all those years in broadcast sales and management. Mike uses that insider knowledge to his clients’ advantage. He is not swayed by the expensive hit program or the latest and greatest marketing platform but rather he focuses on a plan that reaches potential customers efficiently and effectively no matter where they may be found.

Throughout his career, Mike adapted his teams to the constant change not just in local television but also in marketing, advertising and the evolution of digital marketing platforms. Because Mike develops a thorough understanding of a client’s business, customers and needs before proposing a solution, he develops creative marketing plans that utilize all levels of the marketing funnel starting at the top with broad-reach platforms and narrowing down to more specific targeted messages at key points in the buying process.

Mike’s long history of driving results is now the cornerstone for Costa Media Advisors, LLC, offering media advisory, broadcast consultation and leadership coaching.

Mission Statement

Costa Media Advisors builds better communicators


Our focus each day is to help leaders communicate more effectively with their team and to help marketers communicate more efficiently with their targeted audience.

Our Services

Media Advisory

Remember launching your business? You took your idea, with your talent and with passion, and you worked hard. It’s grown. You are successful. Now it seems like you do everything but focus on your idea, your talent and passion. You spend a disproportionate amount of time on your marketing and advertising. It takes you away from your core business. You don’t have the time or experience to develop a long-term marketing plan that effectively utilizes all aspects of the marketing funnel. You cannot afford to take time away from your core business to focus on these issues and you also cannot afford to ignore them.


Costa Media Advisors allows you to put your focus back on what you do best – your business. We are your Sherpa, guiding you and your team through the ever-changing offerings of the media and marketing landscape. We will help you determine the most effective way to reach your customers to drive positive results for your business.


We start by taking a detailed look at your company’s existing marketing efforts to determine what is actually working and what can be eliminated so your resources can be utilized efficiently and effectively. We spend time with you to understand your goals for your business. We use our findings to formulate a custom marketing plan that’s strategically designed to reach your goals – whether it’s to increase brand awareness, acquire new customers, retain current customers or all of the above.

CMA Media Advisory
CMA Leadership Coaching

Leadership/Communication Coaching

It all starts with communication, but communicating is easier said than done. Whether a message is simply heard or genuinely understood depends on a multitude of factors, including how the message was received by the recipient. In an organization with multiple personality types, this can be tricky, which is why Costa Media Advisors partners with Insight Edge “The Art of Understanding People . . . Made Easy”, a proven professional communication evaluation program designed to help individuals improve how they communicate with others to ultimately become more effective leaders. The result is you no longer have a manager of people, you have a leader who understands how to listen and how to impart a message that is better crafted to each of the team member’s communication style, this approach results in a leader who serves their team with a confidence who produces results.

Broadcast Consulting

As an outside consultant with decades of inside experience and a proven track-record of driving results, Mike has the unique ability to evaluate your broadcast operation from a neutral, third-party perspective and determine what’s working and what is not. After a diligent on-site auditing process that includes meeting with team members of all levels, Mike will present a strategic plan that outlines what areas need to be addressed as well as his recommendations for next steps moving forward. Whether his suggested changes apply only to a particular department or are as broad as the station as a whole, Mike’s team-oriented approach combined with his expansive network of industry experts make Costa Media Advisors the ideal partner to help you reach your organization’s goals.

CMA Broadcast Consulting
CMA Broadcast Consulting

Working Together:

For any of our services, the first step is to have a conversation. What are you doing now? What’s working? What’s not working? Let’s talk about what you want to accomplish.

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Costa Media Advisors Core Values



Nothing beats the truth. It’s not always what we want to hear, but it’s what leads us to the right answer.



All decisions, big and small, must be based on personal and professional principles. Compromising those beliefs for the sake of profit or advancement diminishes who we are and what we stand for.



Like honesty, accepting and then addressing the situation as it is, not as we hope it is, will lead us to success.



Confronting challenges sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on pragmatic solutions bring success efficiently and effectively.

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